"I'm not dumb enough to wish the enemy was smarter, but their predictability presents no real tactical challenge."


Clovis looks like a man more apt to use his forehead for a battering ram, but that skull conceals a tactical mind like few others. His tactical plans and strategies have led the companions to victory time and time again. He especially relishes going up against necromancers who have at least a passing knowledge of warfare and its arts. Yet, when the time comes, he's more than capable of wading into the fray, blades swinging, sending zombie heads flying.  

  • Race - Human
  • Season - Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Based on - original Clovis



  • [Blue]
    • +1 die: Melee
    • Taunt
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • +1 free Melee Action
    • Brother in arms: +1 free Combat Action
  • [Red]
    • +1 to dice roll: Combat
    • Brother in arms: +1 free Combat Action
    • Hit & run

Body slot

  • Shield