"What the- ARGH!!"

No one's really sure what it is, where it came from, or even what it might have been in life. All anyone knows is that this particular undead abomination is powerful, dangerous, and a startling colour. Current theory holds that the necromancers discovered any number of horrific creatures kept by the orcs as pets or beasts of burden, and they've been experimenting with monstrous results. It's a particularly successful destroyer thanks to a combination of paralysing terror and intellectual challenge as people simply can't believe what they're seeing and their brains involuntarily work to puzzle it out.

  • Based on - The Black Beast of Argh / Trump Covfefe meme      


The Covfefe is a horrendous creature that should never have come into existence. Survivors gazing at its absurd shape and garish colors are frozen by a mix of terror and utter confusion.

NOTE: The following may change upon release

  • Actions: 1
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 3
  • Experience provided: 5 points
  • Target Priority: 2
  • Special rules:
    • Wounds inflicted by Abominations can’t be prevented by Armour rolls.
    • A Survivor with Line of Sight to the Covfefe must spend an extra Action in order to perform a Move Action.
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