"There's one among them so twisted, so vile, so evil that even they fear his gaze."


The Lord of Skulls may well be among the initial cabal that conceived and executed the black plague. His mastery of necromantic energies is virtually unmatched, and he commands his countless minions with as much skill as any general. Rumours say that to even look him in the eye is to see your own death, and it will be soon. In the fight against the green horde, the Lord of Skulls represents one of the greatest challenges the survivors must endure, not the least for the pair of hulking abominations he keeps by his aside as bodyguards.

  • Based On - Unknown, likely original character


  • Special rules: 
    • The Lord of Skulls is a Necromancer with amazing powers to control his corrupted subjects. When he spawns, he also comes escorted by his two faithful Abominations: Doom and Gloom! These brutes follow the Lord of Skulls around, considering his Zone as the noisiest on the board. It is only when they see a Survivor that they will charge them by moving 2 Zones per action, and beating them to a pulp.