“Step back, lads. This be a Dwarf’s job.”


Samson finds human notions of dwarven craftsmanship infinitely amusing. It’s the same metal, the same techniques, the same designs (mostly), but put a few dwarven runes on a sword or hammer, and humans will act like it’s made of magic! They swing faster, hit harder, and even hold the line longer. Samson earned quite a bit of coin selling his ‘dwarven’ weapons, though he never deceived anyone about their qualities. He was just a highly competent smith who happened to be a dwarf. But now, with the zombie apocalypse in full swing, he’s happy to ‘improve’ any weapon he can find with ‘that dwarven touch’.

  • Race - Dwarf
  • Season - Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Based on - Unknown



Body slot

  • Sheild