Runners are fast. Faster than anything on two legs should be. I’ve seen ‘em outrun a galloping horse, though only barely. But still, the poor cavalryman didn’t stand a chance.

  • Actions: 2
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 1
  • Experience provided: 1
  • Target Priority: 3

Some Runners have may have different gameplay rules, which are listed under the appropriate title.

Runner Variants

Orc Runner

Orc Fatties used to be leaders, shock troops, enforcers and… well, plain brutes. Pay extra attention to them: they are strong, even by Orc standards, meaning they can punch a hole right through your chest. If you have to approach one or go into close-quarters combat in an uncharted building, make sure you wear armor and carry a four-leaf clover.