Painting models can not only enhance gameplay and enjoyment of the game, but can also add another layer to the hobby. There are amazing artists out there who have filmed tutorials aimmed at beginners wishing to make the leap to painted miniatures. 


Sorastro's Zombicide Black Plague Painting Guide Ep

Sorastro's Zombicide Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.1 - The Zombies-0

From Sarastro's YouTube channel description: This channel is currently focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. I am currently producing a set of painting tutorials for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Imperial Assault along with some Descent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Blood Rage.

Sorastro offers painting guides on:

The Zombies

Materials used:

  • Primers
    • Matt White (Army Painter)
    • Skeleton Bone (Army Painter)
    • Necrotic Flesh (Army Painter)
  • Paints
    • Skin:
      • Plague Skin (Army Painter) OR Nurgling Green (Citadel)
      • Karak Stone (Citadel) OR Ushabti Bone (Citadel)
    • Alternative skin colours:
      • Rakarth Flesh (Citadel)
      • Flayed One Flesh (Citadel)
      • Screaming Skull (Citadel)
      • Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel)
      • Ulthuan Grey (Citadel)
      • Fenrisian Grey (Citadel)
    • Clothes + Accessories
      • Averland Sunset (Citadel)
      • Steel Legion Drab (Citadel)
      • Ushabti Bone (Citadel)
      • Castellan Green (Citadel)
      • Mephiston Red (Citadel)
      • Caledor Sky (Citadel)
      • Stormvermin Fur (Citadel)
      • Elysian Green (Citadel)
      • Ivory (Vallejo)
      • Celestra Grey (Citadel)
      • Ceramite White (Citadel)
      • Calgar Blue (Citadel)
      • Grey & Black Mix (Citadel)
      • Tallarn Sand (Citadel)
      • Dawnstone (Citadel)
      • Mechanicus Standard Grey (Citadel)
      • Hoeth Blue (Citadel)
      • Dryad Bark (Citadel)
      • XV-88 (Citadel)
      • Leadbelcher (Vellejo)
      • Mournfang Brown (Citadel)
    • Base:
      • Rakarth Flesh (Citadel)
      • Stormvermin Fur (Citadel)
      • Screeming Skull (Citadel)
      • Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel)
      • Rhinox Hide (Citadel)
  • Shade:
    • Deep Shader (Army Painter) OR Nulin Oil & Agrax Earthshade (Citadel) OR Quickshade (Army Painter)
  • Varnish
    • Testors Spray Lacquer
  • Finishing:
    • Blood for the Blood God (Citadel)
    • Clear Red (Tamiya Color) + Abaddon Black (Citadel) + Rhinox Hide (Citadel)

The Abomination


The Necromancer


Anne The Nun


Silas The Elf


Deadeye Walkers






The Army Painter

How to paint Zombies from Zombicide Black Plague

How to paint Zombies from Zombicide Black Plague

Army Painter's Zombicide: Black Plague - Painting Tutorials

The Army Painter's aim is to offer miniature gamers a chance to get their armies painted and on the battlefield fast! GET MORE TIME FOR GAMING!

The Army Painter offers painting guides on:

  • Zombies
  • Clovis the Knight
  • Nelly the Barmaid
  • Ann the Nun
  • Silas the Elf
  • Samson the Dwarf
  • Baldric the mage