There are fearsome foes, and then there are nightmarish foes. The Necromantic Dragon falls in this latter category. This undead behemoth towers above everything, making life miserable for Survivors.


The zombie invasion is going rampant across the land, and dragons themselves woke up from their slumber to get rid of the problem, in their own way: by direct and open combat. After all, an army is no match for much a magnificent creature of fangs and flames, right?

Wrong! Many dragons battled the zombie hordes head on, without any plan, and were defeated. Raised from the dead as necromantic dragons, the beasts kept most of their former instinct and willpower. 


Similarly to the Feral Dragon, the Necromantic Dragon spawns and crushes the central Zone of its tile. It deals 2 automatic damage to anybody there, and scatters any possible Survivors. When it activates, the Necromantic Dragon disgorges more zombies onto the Zone with most Survivors around him, drawing a spawn card for it. If there are no Survivors around it, the dragon flies away to stomp an adjacent tile! It takes a 2-damage weapon to hurt the Necromantic Dragon and send it flying away until it spawns again. However, each time it spawns the Necromantic dragon is vulnerable to only one type of weapon, determined by the drawing of a Vulnerability card. Unlike the Feral Dragon, the Necromantic Dragon is often immune to mundane weapons like swords, requiring attack spells to be brought down. Only after all of its Vulnerability cards have been used, the Necromantic Dragon is ultimately defeated!