The Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign offered Kickstarter exclusives to patrons who helped to fund the board game. Exclusives ranged from unique miniatures (such as abominations, n.p.c zombies, necromancers and survivors) to 3D plastic objects.

Kickstarter Exclusive items may be available, if any stock remains, at conventions and special promotions that Guillotine games attends.

Horde Pledge

Backers of the Zombicide: Green Horde who pledged $120 were entitled to receive all unlocked stretch goals during the campaign. The items below are listed under type, and do not reflect the stretch goal levels.




Miscellaneous Miniatures

  • Feral Dragon
  • Ballista
  • 4 extra Orc Fatties
  • 4 extra Orc Runners
  • 5 extra Orc Walkers
  • 1 extra Orc Necromancer
  • 1 extra Orc Abomination
  • 4 Fatty Bursters


  • New Equipment cards
    • Spiked Armor
    • Shield Gauntlet
    • Pit Fighter Gloves
    • Magic Ball of Destiny
    • Sword Gauntlet
    • Mace Gun
    • Animal Armour
    • Orb of Death
    • Grappling Lance
  • Horde Tile
  • Horde Box

Optional Buys

These items were available to backers to purchase during the campaign.

Expansion Bonus Survivors

  • Liam (bonus for purchasing No Rest for the Wicked expansion)

Ultimate Survivors


  • Fatty Bursters
  • 3D Plastic Obstacles
    • 6 barriers
    • 6 hedges
  • Green Custom Dice
  • 3D Plastic Hedges (14 hedges)

Kickstarter Exclusive box