Friends and Foes

Friends and Foes is the first expansion for Zombicide: Green Horde. It contains myriad extras to enrich the player's Zombicide: Black Plague experience.

On the "Friends" side, it includes new Survivors and weapons to equip them, but also faithful Familiars to aid them in their quests.

On the "Foes" side, are the challenging Tainted Walkers and Tainted Abomination, from which Survivors will want to keep their distance!


Friends and Foes introduces an eclectic group of Survivors, including a ranger, a mage, a shieldmaiden, and a half-orc!

  • Katelyn
  • Doran
  • Solveig
  • Kabral

Kickstarter Exclusive

Backers also received an exclusive survivor for purchasing Friends and Foes expansion during Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign.


FnF Equipment

Friends and Foes contains equipment cards that feature additional effects for the Survivors to utilise to their advantage. From the Power Wave spell, that makes other spells even more powerful; to the Horn Bow, which can bypass the Targeting Priority; to the Heavy Sword and Dagger, which when equipped together become even more deadly!


Tainted Abomination and Walker art

Friends and Foes brings new challenges to Players in the form of Tainted Zombies, including Tainted Walkers and the powerful Tainted Abomination! 

Tainted Walkers are zombified Orcs who are more corrupted and hateful than the normal breed of Orc Zombies. Upon being destroyed, the Tainted zombies explode their infected spikes and splatter acidic blood. The Tainted Abomination is a brute that you really don't want to kill while standing in its Zone, as you'll endure a hit that deals 3 damage!



In order to help Survivors face this new threat, the Friends and Foes expansion introduces Familiars. These animals will be companions, helping their master out in different ways and granting very welcome bonuses!

Familiars are Equipment cards that Survivors may start the game with. Placed on its Handler Backpack, Familiars play as Survivors that can only endure 1 Wound and may move freely with its Handler, or be sent out on its own. The Handler may choose to spend their own Actions to have their Familiar Move around, Search for equipment, or even Attack! Each Familiar possesses different Skills and Attack stats. 

While all Familiars are able to Move 3 Zones per Move Action, moving through the Zombie Horde with Slippery, they each bring something different to their Handler. 

The three familiars are: Dog of War, Wolf and Flying Feline. 

See the Familiar page for more information. 

Included items

FnF items
  • 4 Survivor figures and ID cards
  • 6 Familiar figures (2 of each type)
  • 18 Tainted Walker figures
  • 1 Tainted Abomination figure
  • 5 double-sided tiles
  • 17 Equipment cards
  • 14 Zombie cards
  • Rulebook with 10 new Quests

Green Horde Kickstarter exclusive:

  • 1 North the Halfling, Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor figure and ID card