The Feral Dragon was a Kickstarter Exclusive expansion for backers of the Zombicide: Green Horde campaign.


Spawned similarly to an Abomination, the Feral Dragon enters the game by stomping the central Zone of its tile, reducing any building there to a pile of rubble, and scattering or killing any being unfortunate enough to be there.

Towering above everything else, the Feral Dragon sees all, showering the nearby Zone with the most Survivors with its deadly dragon breath, or flying to the next adjacent tile to further smash the village and chase its prey.

Each time the dragon lands it features a vulnerability to only a specific weapon type, and damaging it only makes it fly away, waiting to dive into the village again when a new Spawn card is drawn. Only once all of its 8 Vulnerability cards have been used, the Feral Dragon is finally eliminated for good from the game (its Spawn cards now bringing some respite to Survivors).