Fatties are what we call the… well, fat ones. But there’s more to that blubber than just a dead rich merchant or noble. They ignore pain, just like most dead men. You need a strong arm to finish these. Or a powerful weapon. Or a wizard. Fire works, of course. Use it well to send them to their eternal rest.

  • Actions: 1
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 2
  • Experience provided: 1
  • Target Priority: 2

Some Fatties have may have different gameplay rules, which are listed under the appropriate title.

Fatty Variants

Orc Fatty

Orc Fatties used to be leaders, shock troops, enforcers and… well, plain brutes. Pay extra attention to them: they are strong, even by Orc standards, meaning they can punch a hole right through your chest. If you have to approach one or go into close-quarters combat in an uncharted building, make sure you wear armor and carry a four-leaf clover.

  • Damage Inflicted: 3
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 2

Fatty Burster

"It's gonna blow!"

The zombies we call "Fatty Bursters" were people struck with potent diseases in their former life. Illness caused a weird change in the zombie plague, turning them into bloated, infected corpses. More than their horrendous complexion, their most surprising feature is unexpected bursts of speed: certainly haunted by former memories, they rush all of a sudden to avoid an invisible and inescapable fate. And when Bursters are close enough, they simply stop trying to keep their corpses together and disintegrate in an explosion of gas, gore and pus. No one wants to die like that!

Fatty Bursters are a terrifying version of standard Fatties. While they don't benefit from standard Fatty extra activation cards, any Fatty Burster spawn card that is drawn gives an extra activation to any Fatty Bursters on the board, before spawning a single new Fatty Burster.

But, of course, the most notable thing about them is the fact they are always about to explode with devastating consequences! Whenever it enters a Survivor's Zone, or if a crazy Survivor ends up in its Zone, or if it is destroyed by an attack, the Fatty Burster explodes instantly, dealing 2 automatic damage to ALL actors in the Zone (Survivors and Zombies alike). That means that while a Fatty Burster can wipe out an entire party of careless Survivors, they may also be used by cunning players to blow up an entire mob of zombies!