The Friends and Foes expansion introduces Familiars to the game. These animals are companions, helping the Survivors out in different ways and granting welcome bonuses!



Familiars are Equipment cards that Survivors may start the game with, or that different Quests may indicate should be part of the Equipment deck or tied to specific Objectives. Placed on its Handler Backpack, Familiars count as Survivors that can only endure 1 Wound and may move freely with its Handler, or be sent out on its own. The Handler may choose to spend their own Actions to have their Familiar Move around, Search for equipment, or even Attack the Zombies! Each Familiar possesses different Skills and Attack stats. 

  • Actions: 3 (can move 3 tiles per Move Action)
  • Health: 1
  • Ability: Slippery


Dog of War

This canine is truly a Survivor's best friend. Its attack is a flurry of teeth that can wipe out numerous Orc Walkers and other weaker zombies. Meanwhile, if it's standing next to its Handler, the Survivor gains +1 dice to their Melee attacks.


This massive beast is able to bring an Orc Fatty with its powerful attacks. If it's standing in the same Zone as its Handler, the Survivor gains +2 dice to their Melee attacks.

Flying Feline

While this fantastic creature's attacks may not be the most lethal, as it flies above the fray, its connection to its Handler can grant them a powerful tactical advantage. The Flying Feline extends the range of its Handler's attacks, and allows the Survivor to see over buildings and hedges (which may also allow for some amazing trick shots!).