“I’m the evil one!”


The necromancers have performed many experiments in their quest for the perfect evil, the perfect zombie. One of the worst things they managed was a simulacrum of a living being. This golem remembers everything the original human, Troy, knew; he has all of Troy’s skills. But he is as undead as a zombie, as angry as a raging bull, and as absolutely evil as it is possible to be. Evil Troy is a nasty piece of work, to put it shortly, intent on killing anything – human, zombie, or necromancer – that gets in his way.

  • Race - Human
  • Season - Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Based on - Evil Ash, Evil Dead II (film, 1987) 


Evil Troy may be played as both a Survivor or as a Necromancer.


  • [Blue]
    • Free Reload
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • +1 to dice roll: Combat
    • Zombie link
  • [Red]
    • +1 free Melee Action
    • Rotten
    • Spellbook

Body slot

  • Hand Crossbow

Gameplay - Necromancer

  • Special rules:
    • When killed, put him back in his Spawn Zone and don't remove a Spawn Token, unless a Damage 3 (or more) Attack, or Dragon Fire, was used.