We went to the king’s country estate. It was nearby, and though we weren’t allowed on his lands, we figured the situation warranted some leeway from His Majesty. We found the castle shattered. Wrecked. The few survivors had holed up in the cellars. Imagine their surprise when they opened the doors to human voices, and found a peasant army armed with pitchforks and torches. The king’s forces had proved no match for the ravening horde. But now, at least, we had a few wizards and men-at-arms on our side. And weapons. Lots of weapons. There were plenty left over after the slaughter. Zombies don’t use swords.


Zombicide: Black Plague features many Equipment cards. There are three levels of Equipment cards

These cards are further divided into different types. Some Equipment cards can belong to several types at once.


Survivors wearing an Armour Equipment card on the Body Slot can execute Armour rolls to avoid Wounds.

Combat Spells

Have a distinctive scroll apperarance and a a maximum Range value of "1" (or more). Attacking at Range "0" with a Combat spell is still a Magic Action.


Are Spells without Combat characteristics.


Include cards which can grant XP, or Spawn Zombies.


Display a "0" Range value and thus can only be used in the same Zone as the Survivor. Melee weapons may also be used to open doors.


Have a maximum Range value of "1" (or more). Attacking at Range "0" with a Ranged weapon is still a Ranged Action.


Shields allows Armour rolls even if the Survivor isn't wearing Armour. If a Survivor is wearing Armour, Shields allows for one re-rolling of Armour rolls, with the new result taking place of the old one.