Haven’t seen an Abomination yet? Count yourself lucky, neighbour. You’ll recognise one as soon as you see it. Weapons don’t work. Armour don’t work. Running… well, it might work if you’re really fast. But these are relentless. Fire is what you need. A good hot fire. It’s the only thing that works.



The always terrifying Abomination ignores your armor, and is practically invulnerable to your weapons. Your only hope is to lay a trap of Dragon Bile in his path. Light it up with a torch at the right moment, and you’ll see there’s almost no problem that can’t be solved with the judicious application of Dragon Fire!

  • Actions: 1
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 3
  • Experience provided: 5 points
  • Target Priority: 2
  • Special rules:
    • Wounds inflicted by Abominations can’t be prevented by Armor rolls.
    • Some Abominations have may have additional rules, which are explained on the appropriate page.


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Special Guest Box: Adrian Smith

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